Hello and welcome to the first blog post of Mamash Mamash! I guess I will first introduce myself, to right now myself because I am sure no one is reading this, but G-d willing you have scrolled through all of the postings to find this dusty introduction sitting idle at the bottom of your browser.

My name is Leah. I moved to Brooklyn to attend art school where I received a degree in Interior Design. After working in the field for a few years and starting to slowly get kiruved, my then boyfriend and I decided to take the leap and go to Israel for a year. Now instead of going to Williamsburg for a few beers, I am going to Williamsburg for a few kosher chickens. Needless to say, our lives as professional creative types has changed quite drastically as we moved from “trendy” Brooklyn, to “Mamasha In-Town.”

So why am I creating this blog? After our wedding, the number one compliment we got from all our guests was that the wedding was, “so us”. We were able to create an atmosphere where we felt comfortable melding our personalities within the Halacha. What I hope this blog can do is provide all types of content that is Halachically appropriate. Hope you enjoy!


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